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It’s time to unleash your inner rockstar. 

You know that little inner voice that’s been calling to you? The one telling you about that dream business to launch … or the bold new career path to embark on … or the one telling you that it’s finally time to write that book or record that album? Whatever your dream, the time for bold moves is now. And here’s the coolest part: You don’t have to do it alone.

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We love listening to, learning from, and lifting one another up. We celebrate and elevate each other’s voices as we audaciously rock it.

We unapologetically pursue creative, courageous, and joyful lives, where our hearts, spirits, and, yes, our bank accounts are thriving. (Girl’s gotta eat.) 

And we DON’T dig grind culture that leaves us burned out rather than filled up. (Been there, done that, over it.)

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You’ve finally found the place you’ve been looking for: the network for creative, courageous women who are committed to showing up for themselves and one another. This is a safe and welcoming space—OFF social media— to explore and activate your big dreams!

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The Rockstar Network is an empowering antidote to the fear, overwhelm, and distractions that stop us from DOING THE DAMN THING. The truth is: no matter how badass and creative we may be … we all need support to keep us accountable. And there’s nothing like the power of women joining forces and lifting one another to new heights. We believe that – TOGETHER – we can break through the barriers to our audacious dreams. 

The Rockstar Network is your jam if you are: 

  • A creative, artist, consultant, or freelancer ready to level up
  • Working full-time and eager to pivot toward a passion-driven career 
  • Over the 9-to-5 grind and ready to launch a new chapter, on your terms
  • Looking for your tribe of creative, courageous women to keep your vibes high

Feeling stuck sucks.

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Rockstar Community – OFF Social Media

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The Rockstar Network is your insider’s pass to everything She Rocked It offers and much more, including:

A private networking group (OFF social media) offering new opportunities, collaborators, and confidence to launch your career to the next level high

Game-Changing Connections and Conversations with Trailblazing Women 

Exclusive, intimate conversations and Q&A opportunities with leaders, creatives, and entrepreneurs – both IRL and virtually (expect LOTS of #realtalk)

Backstage Pass Access 

Join a private podcast studio audience for panel and 1:1 interviews, and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the making of the podcast 

Monthly Mentorship and Accountability Sessions

Hosted by She Rocked It founder and creative entrepreneur Karen Gross, and grounded in the Rock-It Roadmap™ to help you rock the creative career you’ve been longing for

Fabulous Meet-ups and Curated Experiences

Special access and reduced admission to our live events, retreats, and other programming, always at super-cool destinations 

PLUS: YOUR membership empowers OUR movement!

Your membership helps to sustain the She Rocked It community, our woman-powered creative team, and our empowering content

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I’m Karen Gross,

Since leaving full-time employment and launching my own business in 2013, I have consistently made over six figures annually, combining my passions and skills as a writer, singer, and communications consultant. Along the way, I’ve learned important things about launching and sustaining a creative business—and many of these things I had to piece together on my own! Now, I’m sharing the key lessons I’ve learned and bringing together a community of creative, courageous women eager to cheer you on and keep you motivated and accountable to your dreams.

Because the time is NOW to create a career you LOVE. I want to help guide you there. It’s your time to ROCK IT.

Let’s do this! 

a creative entrepreneur of nearly a decade.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rockstar Network is great for women looking to launch or level-up their creative businesses – AND it’s also valuable for those seeking full-time work that’s more fulfilling, both creatively and financially. The Rockstar Network provides a safe, welcoming space to gain clarity on what you REALLY want in your career, and find like-minded women to support you on your journey.

The Rockstar Network isn’t about the destination – it’s about the journey, and those you’ll walk with on the journey! If you’ve been looking for a community of creative, courageous women eager to ROCK their unique calling, you’re in the right place. Even if you just have a sense that there is something more for you, the Rockstar Network offers a supportive space to clarify your creative career vision, break through blocks getting in the way, and connect with a network of inspired and inspiring women.

We’d love to see you around! However, you can participate as much or as little as you want. Your membership also helps support the She Rocked It community, our woman-powered creative team, and our empowering content.

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