#Real Talk with Women in the Music Industry (Pt. 2)

In part two of our series on Real Talk with Women in the Music Industry, peek behind the curtain with women rockstars playing crucial roles off-stage. There’s still an astonishing lack of representation of women in the music industry, and these trailblazers don’t hold back on the #realtalk about what it’s been like to navigate careers of their own design. You’ll hear from: 

  • Mona Kayhan, co-owner of The Bridge recording studio in Brooklyn (our wonderful hosts for this conversation!)  
  • Rashida Scott-Cruz, Professor of Music Industry at Monmouth University 
  • Teng Chen, freelance audio engineer (SNL, The Grammys, Spelling Bee) and engineer for the She Rocked It podcast
  • Stephanie Mayers, owner of Mayers Consulting PR firm which represents GRAMMY-winning artists in family entertainment

Special thanks to Mona Kayhan and team from The Bridge recording studio including Urosh Jovanovich and Brianna Cofield.

Thanks to Fifth Hammer Brewing for supplying libations at our recording session.

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Episode highlights:

  • [00:00] Learn how our panelists established their careers in the music industry
  • [19:42] Hear what gave each panelist the courage to dive wholeheartedly into the music business, versus viewing music as a hobby or side gig
  • [30:52] Get a glimpse into recent changes in the climate for women in the music industry
  • [44:25] What can we do to make the music industry more welcoming for all?
  • [49:41] Mona Kayhan, Stephanie Mayers, Teng Chen, and Rashida Scott-Cruz each share their ONE TIP TO ROCK IT

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