#Real Talk with Women in the Music Industry (Pt.4)

Welcome to the fourth episode of our Real Talk with Women in the Music Industry podcast series, recorded live with a studio audience at Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, NJ!

In this eye-opening and empowering episode, you’ll hear inspiring wisdom and lots of behind-the-scenes #realtalk from Ash Hill and Jenna Gaudio, two women who are blazing a trail and rocking it in the (still!) male-dominated music industry.

According to the most recent USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative study, entitled Inclusion in the Recording Studio?, women are still woefully underrepresented across the music industry and in the recording studio space. For instance, this study showed that just 2.8% of all producers were women while 97.1% were men.

Ash Hill is the recording studio manager at Lakehouse Recording Studios in Asbury Park, NJ – our awesome host for today’s episode.

Jenna Gaudio is co-president of the recently-acquired company Vydia, an all-in-one platform that empowers independent labels and artists.

You’ll also hear from Rashida Scott-Cruz, Professor of Music Industry, who originally connected She Rocked It with Lakehouse – and who is inspiring the next generation of music industry rockstars as a professor and mentor at Monmouth University.  

Special thanks to the team at Lakehouse Recording Studios including Ash Hill, Evan Rudenjak, Ben Marino, Juan O’Grady, and Jon Leidersdorff, for hosting She Rocked It and recording the audio and video of this conversation:  https://www.lakehouserecordingstudios.com/

If you’d like to be part of our studio audience for future She Rocked It podcast recordings, head over to our website to join our Rockstar Network membership community: https://sherockedit.com/the-rockstar-network 

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Episode highlights:

  • [04:05] Discover how our rockstar panelists launched and built their careers in the music industry
  • [22:45] Find out what gave each panelist the courage to commit to blazing their own trail in the male-dominated music business
  • [29:03] How art, commerce, and community intersect and overlap in today’s music industry 
  • [31:37] How Jenna and Ash are working to support a more welcoming environment for women in the music industry
  • [35:31] The best ways to market your music today  
  • [38:25] Special guest appearance from Professor Rashida Scott-Cruz of Monmouth University  
  • [45:40] Jenna Gaudio and Ash Hill each share their ONE TIP TO ROCK IT

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