Divinity Roxx with bass

Divinity Roxx: Bass, Beats, and Beyoncé

Divinity Roxx has raised her voice — and her bass — as a Grammy-nominated recording artist, composer, and musician.

She’s rocked it onstage alongside Beyoncé as her bassist and musical director, and has appeared on countless television shows including The Grammys, Saturday Night Live, and Good Morning America. Divinity’s career as a bass player skyrocketed after meeting the legendary bass virtuoso, Victor Wooten — and in this revealing and rockin’ interview, she shares (and sings) the song that first captured his attention!

You’ll also hear behind-the-scenes stories about Divinity’s hip hop roots; how she abandoned journalism for a full-fledged music career; and why she’s now focusing her talents on children’s music.

You’ll no doubt be inspired by Divinity’s courage, creativity, and pursuit of big, bold dreams — and how she’s committed to spreading light wherever she goes. EPISODE BONUS: A live performance of her latest single, “Ready, Set, Go!”

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