Nnenna Freelon: A Jazz Star’s Path of Purpose

Jazz vocalist Nnenna Freelon believes in following a “path of purpose,” and hers has led to multiple GRAMMY® Award nominations and performances at The Kennedy Center and The White House among other prestigious venues.

Her path took a very different turn after the loss of her soulmate and husband, renowned architect Phil Freelon, which prompted her to question everything she thought she knew about living, dying, faith, healing, and her art. Nnenna’s experiences led her to a new journey, down the path of grief. Today, she’s sharing her voice once again through a heartfelt new album (Time Traveler) and a powerful, poignant podcast (Great Grief with Nnenna Freelon).

In this honest, inspiring, and deeply moving conversation, Nnenna reveals how it has felt to rediscover and raise her voice anew, how she has balanced the life of a performing artist and mother, and why it’s crucial to define your own vision of success.

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